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During my time in my last year of university, I undertook the role of Social Media Manager and Beauty Editor for West Quay Magazine SS20 Issue. This is an online issued magazine, partnered with the West Quay Shopping Centre situated in Southampton. Last year, I was also a co-editor with my classmate, Amrit Mann. This was an invaluable experience, and one I enjoyed so much, I decided to carry on this term.

I enjoy writing about beauty and keeping up with the health & wellness trends, as you are able to tell from my PR Campaign module (which you can view here). I also am part of 'Gen Z', so naturally, I love social media and have grown up through it's progression - therefore, decided to also take on the role as Social Media Manager. I have also contributed throughout the magazine to other articles.

In this short blog post, I will reference the tasks I had to follow through in order to make sure I completed my role's efficiently.

As Beauty Editor, my tasks consisted of:

Appropriate pitching choices for the magazine, which all mirror the overall brand image and target audience.

Ensuring all design aesthetics are crisp, high-resolution and reflect the intended purpose, whilst targeting the right consumer.

Writing content for the West Quay consumer magazine.

Collating appropriate imagery that is eye-catching, yet not too busy for the spreads.

Ensuring correct deadlines are met. Time management was imperative within this role.

Proof-reading and editing specific content.

Being aware and up to date on recent trends within the beauty industry. Eg, vegan make-up, cruelty-free products, green washing.

I found this entire process very interesting, and really enjoyed the design aspects of the magazine. I found it extremely motivating as it was something I had a passion for doing.

Please see a gallery of my beauty editorial contents here:

Moving swiftly on, throughout my time as Social Media Manager, my tasks consisted of:

Creating exemplar and model posts for each different platform for the magazine, specific to the certain issue due to be out that season.

Driving engagement through the use of the chosen lexis, specified to attract a specific target audience.

The ability to portray correct customer service and reply to enquiries and complaints on posts.

Choosing appropriate imagery to be the main content for the post - images that are eye-catching and draw the targeted consumer in.

Understanding multi-social media platform promotion and social strategies in order to receive the best exposure for the magazine.

Hold the ability to differentiate promotion techniques for each platform. For example, the average median Facebook user may not be the same of an Instagram one, etc.

I found this also very interesting due to having experience with analytics and Instagram in prior modules. I enjoy depicting ideologies surrounding how to promote particular articles to certain audiences, and deciding on the best one.

Thank you so much. A full portfolio of my work is available upon request!

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