The Fashion Insider (TFI) Concept

As part of our Fashion & Beauty Luxury Publishing module at university, we were tasked to create and pitch a fictional magazine idea. As this was a group task, my friend Holly and I decided to do the task together. Holly already had the brilliant idea of 'The Fashion Insider', which would ultimately be a pocket guide, placed in some of Hearst's publications, giving young adults and teenagers tips on how to get themselves successfully in the industry, and more. For this instance, Holly and I split roles: she was predominantly content based, and I was design based.

I had the tasks of creating magazine covers, editorial examples, event invites, mock up posts, merchandise and more. Here is a quick overview of our concept:

"The Fashion Insider is a luxury print magazine aimed at those hoping to enter the fashion industry. It is quadrennial printed, as a supplement magazine for the 4 Hearst UK publications, Red, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. The Fashion Insider has the acronym ‘TFI’ which also stands for ‘thanks for the info’ and is targeted at ABC1 females aged 16-30.The focus of the magazine is to act as a guide book and manual for entering the fashion industry. It contains invaluable information and tips, as well as bringing to light the exciting world behind the scenes of a glossy magazine. TFI also has a strong social media presence, and an exclusive fashion member subscription.Keeping our target audience in mind, we understand that our consumer regularly seeks out fashion industry news and uses social media platforms as a primary source; The largest demographic group of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 29 (37%). LinkedIn is the 'social media network for professionals' and has over 21 million users in the UK (LSE, 2019). Therefore, we will ensure that The Fashion Insider has a strong presence on both the print magazine and across all online platforms." - Holly. (To view and access full document, please ask me via my Contact page.)

"The style of The Fashion Insider is chic, minimalistic and sophisticated. The tones

throughout are neutral, with a high use of white space. From research, we discovered that whitespace increases consumer interaction by preventing distractions which slow the reader down (Segue Technologies, 2019).The mood of The Fashion Insider is translated in each of the pages. However, editorial pages differ in layout, depending on the content. For example, articles which have been adapted from Harper's Bazaar, will replicate

the magazines same chicness."

"During the design process, it was important to keep our target audience in mind. Therefore, the magazine design contains street style images of fashion professionals looking effortless in the industry. The aim of this is to create a sense of desire for young fashion professionals, as they look up to the females in the images, hoping to work alongside them someday.However, for events and invites, the design has been tailored to reach a wider audience, in order to increase market exposure. The design is simple but effective, with bold text, strong imagery and engaging content. As a niche magazine in the fashion industry, our overarching aim is to successfully stand-out to young professionals."

As stated above, the design process had to be thoroughly thought through. Here are some examples of my cover and editorial work below, including event invites.

Now, onto the digital portrayals - something extremely important in this era. Businesses want to see how you would promote your ideology, through mock-up posts, merchandising, website pages, etc. They want it's potential for how it would be successful. Words are not enough in this instance - they need visuals also.

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