I have a real, deep interest for creating PR campaigns and fictional products as pitches for companies. I find it naturally inspiring and motivating.

I discovered my excitement for product development whilst completing a final year university module. We were tasked to create an up-coming collection for a brand; one that had a strong USP (unique selling-point). My lecturer informed us that we needed to create this 12 month campaign as if we were really going to send it to the brand.

I strongly believe in making sure you love your work. I, naturally loving make-up, decided to create a make-up collection. I based it around a brand I already knew a lot about, Kylie Cosmetics; whilst taking advantage of the luxury of not having to worry too much about a budget also.

I tirelessly researched and pored upon the beauty community, looking up different types of products and lines that were due for launch; ensuring that my idea would not be of similarity, a strong candidate for a real collection line. I thought back to my childhood, and thought about situations that helped me grow. I wanted to instil lessons from my past into my university modules, as it gave them purpose and made me feel more fulfilled.

I struggled with anxiety briefly for a few years as a teenager, and reflected on how the little Rescue Remedy pastels helped me in times of need. I then asked myself "is there well-being beauty products, that can do the same?" That is when the idea of Kylie Cosmetics: The Kalm Kollection was born.

In a discussion with my mum, the idea evolved. I became obsessed with the idea that I could potentially 'create' products that would provide consumers with temporary relief through the use of aromatherapy within cosmetic products. With mental health also being a part of Kylie Jenner's life, as an anxiety sufferer herself, I felt it was a realistic idea. I included disclaimers surrounding the fact that the products are not medicinal, and may not genuinely work - but exclaimed in my project that the original product line is completely "original, and is a dual-purpose concept - tackling beauty and well-being at the same time."

Throughout my research, I came to find that most well-being products all consisted of around the same types of objects. Yoga mats, sleeping oils, face masks, bath salts - mine was genuine make-up. The only thing nearly similar to it would be lip balms with aloe vera in it - but not made for the same purpose. To calm. I had the thought then to make the partnership for the collection with Mental Health America; and explain that 25% of proceeds would go towards that particular non-profit organisation.

I decided the products would be a 9 Shade Peace Palette, Mellow Mascara, Fierce Liner, Stay Bright Powder, Kalm Balms, Lipliners & Lipsticks (names Hope, Recovery, Peace etc.) and Mental Metal Jellies. Each detail of the products would give a nod towards the fact that there is strength in vulnerability.

I followed through SWOT and PESTLE tests, brand analysis, considering brand loyalty, budgets, social media engagements, rivals, the Kylie Customer, media launch events, itineraries, look books, PR boxes, photoshopping current collection images to give a real feel towards what the collection would look like, and more. (Please see above some snippets of my assignment submissions.) I really, thoroughly enjoyed this project. I considered timelines for each task taken throughout the year of the campaign, and finalised a launch date would be Mental Health Awareness Month, May 1st. I became really invested in this idea and have received recognition for it - achieving a 92/100 in my University Module overall.

If you are interested in seeing the full 12 Month Campaign document, or alternatively the Press Pack and Lookbook - please feel free to contact me.

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