Personal Style With Emma Hawkins

Having previously briefly worked with Emma myself at OK! Magazine last summer, I came to know the bubbly and kind person that she is. However, I also quickly took inspiration from her wardrobe choices. As the Fashion & Beauty Assistant at The Express, The Mirror, New! and OK! Magazine, I thought it a wonderful idea to interview Emma regarding her own personal style and her favourite staple pieces for the upcoming season.

I was intrigued to know where her initial love for fashion first come about. "My love for fashion first came about watching The Devil Wears Prada. I thought it looked like the coolest thing in the world, working at a fashion magazine and putting outfits together! I'd spend my spare time making fake magazine covers! I started working in fashion retail when I was 17, I worked everywhere. From Next, to Urban Outfitters, to Selfridges. My first fashion job was at a market in Birmingham and I loved displaying all of the clothes and dressing mannequins." Emma told me that this ultimately was her creative outlet. This led to other fashion opportunities; such as buying vintage pieces from other market workers and styling them to her own taste.

With the summer season approaching, I wondered what staple pieces Emma is looking forward to wearing (if we even get a substantial summer at this point!). She expresses that she is a major fan of suits in general, either worn together or separately as layering pieces. "The shorts suit is definitely my summer staple this year. I'll be wearing mine with trainers or a square toe heeled

sandal for an evening look."

Moving onto tops, she confirms the impact of puff sleeves this year. "I don't think that will change anytime soon", she tells me. Holiday-wise, Emma states she will "be wearing puff sleeve dresses or dressed up at a wedding. The volume sleeve adds a bit of drama to the simplest of outfits."

If in doubt, always look for floral prints for that bohemian warm-weather look.

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