Life & Success Coach: Amanda (Bybel) Kutner

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Amanda described herself as the woman who had it all; the husband, the perfect job, the most loving pets. Yet she asked herself, what was she missing? Why was she feeling so unfulfilled? In our exclusive interview, Amanda opened up to me regarding her journey, her "magic moments" and more.

I had followed Amanda on social media for years - I was naturally drawn to her bubbly personality; I had watched a few of her videos and had left them feeling very inspired. It was a frosty day in London when I had anxiously emailed her, asking if she would allow me to interview her regarding her new life job and passion. As I nervously sent the request, within a few hours, I received her reply, exclaiming that she would be "honoured". It was a completely different feeling when I sat down to FaceTime and interview her; I was so excited.

"In order to make changes, you have to take positive ACTION."

I had initially wanted to base my interview around three questions, but Amanda's knowledge and passion for her job and lifestyle was so extensive and detailed, that we had a brilliant conversation of around 40 minutes. Firstly, we spoke about what made her want to become a life coach. (And what a successful one she is now too, at that!) She expressed she had a feeling of dissatisfaction within her life prior to her life changes, and willed herself every day to become her 'authentic' person - but wasn't too clear on who that actually was. "It was when I got my own life coach, that my life started to change." She told me, with a twinkle in her eye. She confidently stated that it was only when she started investing in herself, that she started to realise who she truly was, and that feeling of fulfilment and happiness started pouring back. "I feel happiest when I am taking great care of myself and my family. I needed to invest in myself, to fully realise that."

This feeling obviously left it's mark, due to the fact Amanda then went on to become a life coach for other women. "I am passionate about helping others become unapologetically themselves." She told me that a major piece of advice she gives to new clients/students, is to create a morning routine that involves taking care of areas of your lives that need that particular TLC. Whether that be morning meditation to clear the mind, a yoga class, simply something that makes YOU feel good, Amanda swears by it. It clearly works, as Amanda has received high numbers of clients and "client wins" since starting her business. (See video below, where Amanda can personally inform you on how she became a life coach!)

She does not believe in burning yourself out to receive results. "How is that healthy?" She asked me. She carried on to tell me that staying up working late, stressing herself out and feeling fear surrounding her prior lifestyle meant she could not turn up and be her best before.

"Investing in myself, being kind to myself and being good to me, allows me to turn up as my best self for my clients - and that is what creates results. I want to feel ALIGNED."

She expressed to me happily that there are times in her job, where she has to pinch herself. We have all experienced these times in our lives! Yet, she fondly labels these "magic moments". These are particular instances where Amanda really reflects, receives the best news from a client, or a compliment or message from someone who is inspired by her; anything along those lines. It was at that time that I told Amanda, that her replying to me and believing in my project enough to provide me with her time for an interview, was her giving me my very own "magic moment".

Amanda not only provides women with programmes where they achieve their goals through motivation, she is also an integrative alchemy practitioner, and she holds a certification for NLP, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and hypnosis. If you are interested in becoming a client of Amanda's, or are simply intrigued into learning what she does and would be interested in a call, head over to her Instagram page. I can assure you she will meet you with nothing but positivity and enthusiasm.

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