Les Exclusifs de Chanel: Explained

Chanel, being one of the most luxurious and prolific fashion houses in the entire industry, have paid continuous tribute toward their founder, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, since her passing in January 1971.

Have you ever picked up a cosmetic product, read the name and wondered whether they have any symbolism behind them? Well, Chanel has composed scents dedicated to the symbolisation of particular moments or milestones in Coco Chanel's life - labelling the ultimate collection: Les Exclusifs de Chanel, and we are here to depict them for you. You are able to purchase each perfume individually, or in a set collection.

"Composed of rare and intricate ingredients, each LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL fragrance embodies the exceptional art of perfuming. Each scent evokes a chapter from the story of Gabrielle Chanel, reflecting the life and character of Mademoiselle. An elegant collection of fragrances that celebrates the timeless style of CHANEL." - Chanel, 2020.

Here at by Brookella., we have decided to delve into the reasonings behind the names for each fragrance - to shed light and homage towards the history of the founder herself.

Where it all started: 1957. This white musk dominating perfume pays tribute to the year in which Coco Chanel was world-renowned for her special talents. The white musk ingredients collated in this fragrance pay homage towards Coco Chanel's hard, intricate working.

A friend: Misia Sert. As a well-known muse to many, Misia Sert was also a good friend of Coco Chanel's. She was infamously known for how delicate she was and her femininity. Therefore, the scents encapsulated within this fragrance are powdery, fruity and floral.

An address: 31 Rue Cambon. The exact address of Coco Chanel's Parisian apartment. To this day, many still visit for this reason. It is situated above the Chanel boutique. A timeless fragrant statement towards the beginning.

A fabric: Jersey. Coco Chanel used to visit the French seaside often, and collected inspiration from the sailors uniforms. This is where this name has originated. Coco Chanel would use jersey to create sailor uniforms. A beautifully raw aroma.

Her first love: Boy Chanel. A symbol of their love. Boy and Coco Chanel had an inseparable bond, which ended with a tragic accident involving Boy, whilst on his way to see her. This botanical and woody fragrance is inspired by this.

Diamonds: 1932. The year that Coco Chanel created a jewellery collection dedicated to the rarity and purity of diamonds. This is a sensual fragrance, with (again) woody and powdery accents.

Cologne: Eau de Cologne. A symbol of elegance for Coco Chanel. This light and solar smelling perfume offers a symbol of simplicity through the ages. Chanel is known for it's pearls, red seams and Camellia flowers. This has and always will be a complete staple and statement for Chanel as a brand.

Culture Loving: Cormandel. Coco Chanel adored her screens to be draped with these beautiful flowers. They were known as mystery Asian flowers. This fragrance reflects the enchantment and adoration Coco Chanel had for the plants, consisting of predominantly amber notes.

Fine Jewellery Boutique: No. 18. With fruity and syrupy notes, this perfume is dedicated to the appreciation of Place Vendôme; the prolific location of Chanel's very first Jewellery Boutique. A history milestone, now forever remembered through aroma.

Country Home: Bel Respiro. It's always important to remember where your heart lies. This fragrance was made to replicate the essence of Coco Chanel's country home. A subtle and romantic flavour.

Variations: No. 22. A variation of the legendary Chanel No. 5 luxurious and staple scent, the No. 22 perfume is smooth, powdery and feminine - completely tender and indescribable.

Mediterranean Love: La Pausa. A tribute towards Coco Chanel's villa overlooking her favourite sea. This fragrance holds essence with delicate aromas.

Season: Sycamore. Paying homage towards Coco Chanel's favourite season: autumn. This earthy, warm toned fragrance leaves a reassuring and spicy touch. Very flirty.

Style: Cuir de Russie. Coco Chanel was inspired by many, however, the Byzantine style was a major one for her. Therefore, Chanel decided to create this perfume - showing tribute towards the Slavic routes, with woody tones.

Emblem: Gardenia. The white Camellia is the ultimate symbol of the brand: Chanel. Being Coco Chanel's favourite in general, this perfume is intended to be the exact flower encapsulated in a glass. Fresh, and sensual nectar essences flow throughout this fragrance.

Roaring 20's: Bois des Iles. Exotic energy is how Coco Chanel would describe the 'roaring 20's'. Therefore, this spicy and extravagant scent was created to symbolise this time in her life.

Accents: Beige. Coco Chanel's favourite colour. This perfume subtly mixes honey and floral tones together to create the most flavoursome concoction, and one symbolising the colour in which Coco Chanel loved so dearly.

Within the collection, there are two exclusive products: the Gentle Oil and Fresh Body Cream. You can also buy the entire collection for a total of £8,385. The single, individual prices of each bottle all differ, but range entirely from prices £120 to £185 depending on the size of the bottle.

So, there we have it - the intricate, detailed and historic story behind the products within the exclusives.

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