Interning at VARG PR

Last winter, I interned at VARG PR as an Account Executive Assistant. After realising I had a strong love and interest for PR in general, thanks to my Campaign module at university, I decided I wanted to extend my knowledge, and therefore secured my first industry placement in the field.

If you are asking, what is Varg? Here is a brief overview:

Varg PR Limited (Varg) is a Public Relations (PR) Firm that was founded in 2008, by it’s CEO Tove Westling. The company itself offers a “mix of traditional PR with bespoke brand-building solutions, dominantly for fashion and lifestyle businesses.”

Varg’s aim is to work closely with their hand-picked clientele to “launch, build and expand presence within the desired markets.” This is achieved throughout contractual partnerships, each tailored specifically to that client’s objective need. Varg’s main mission is to ensure that the planned activity (events, press days, etc.) is “integral to the positioning of the brand, while driving optimum results.”

The importance behind representing ethical and women-based brands is imperative to Varg. The PR firm prides itself upon the synergies and correlations they create between their company’s own moralities and their clienteles. This is one main factor; others surround the high-quality designs and aesthetics that the individual clients can offer, and Varg’s personal belief in their potential successes nationally and internationally.

One obvious interview tip I can give is: really know details about the company you are applying for! It's deemed admirable.

My role at the firm was ultimately Account Executive Assistant. Upon my first day, I was given an Intern Guide, which specified my role and day-to-day tasks. Here is a brief overview of my tasks:

• Responsibility over ‘Intern E-Mail’

• Searching for clientele coverage on websites.

• Processing and sending out samples via Fashion GPS.

• Liaising with clients and celebrity stylists over stock availability, via E-Mail.

• Formatting online coverage submissions to then be distributed out to the press.

• Visual Merchandising.

• Formatting press reports.

• Assistance to the Account Executive.

However, throughout my time at Varg, I was able to complete managerial tasks due to my successes at the work placement.

As part of my university course, we have to complete a Final Major Project (FMP). Mine is a log of my experience at the Public Relations Firm, detailing my tasks in chronological order and of importance, highlighting my experience, and a 4,000 word reflective log.

If you are interested in seeing this, please ask me via my Contact page.

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