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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The beauty community has always been a place that intrigued me - probably because there is so many options, so many products to try. I was so disappointed (years ago) to find that this is not always the case for others. It has and always will frustrate me that certain brands constantly do not take into consideration those of different skin tones.

Having written about racial representation in contemporary mass media for one of my university modules, I took it into my own hands to research brands whom are inclusive. It made me really happy to see brands taking after the likes of Fenty Beauty. With Rihanna, the founder, producing tens of shades that consistently consider each individual, it seems that diversity is something that a lot more brands are taking into account when it comes to product creation and development these days. However, there are still major improvements to be made; understatement.

I decided to therefore review a brand whose products I genuinely trust. That brand being, the Ordinary, by DECIEM. I was actually first introduced to this brand by my mum, who swears by their products for skincare. With that being said, it's true, they worked well for me - and I will be reviewing their skin care products at a later blog post for you all.

The Ordinary have created a foundation line, lightweight and serum based - with fabulous reviews from those who have darker skin tones. They were not only applauded for their diverse shade range, but they also have taken differentiations of complexion undertones into careful consideration.

The serum foundation is said to be lightweight, leaving a matte finish. The line is said to not include any harsh chemicals or ingredients that may cause 'micro-tears', which is what results in hyper-pigmentation. In a recent article, created by Beauty Bay, a customer named Elise stated: "I’m so pleased that girls and guys of all skin tones can enjoy this beautifully innovative product."

My personal findings with the product was that it is not heavy, sheer, yet buildable. This is important due to the fact you can vary your preferred look! You are not limited to a 'natural' skin appearance with this foundation at all. It felt good knowing I was applying a product that was doing good for my skin, rather than blocking my pores - like most foundations.

I simply wanted to shed light on a company that I love and trust for my first blog post.

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