Daniel Galvin: A Hair Salon Review

(This is a feature written for The Successful Founder Magazine).

Self-care is always something I have viewed to be imperative; especially during unprecedented times. As Coronavirus struck the world, ploughing us all into a global snow-day (which has felt like years), it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Waving goodbye to certain luxuries was a given for the foreseeable future. As the situation has eased and we are starting to implement specific activities back into our new normal; I pondered how interesting it would be to see how our previous day-to-day experiences would have adapted in order to keep each individual safe.

As I made my way to the prestigious Daniel Galvin salon in George Street for a wonderful cut and blow dry, I was eager to set my sights on this ‘new normal’. With the salon being a world-leader in hairdressing and colouring, I was confident that the establishment would ensure all customers were (and not only felt) safe but also well-looked after. To my delight, I was certainly not mistaken. I entered the salon and was met by a doorman who led me to the nearby sanitisation station. Each person inside was wearing a mask and/or visor – and were all at least two metres apart from one another. COVID-19 precautions, such as Track-and-Trace, Perspex screens and temperature checking, were things carefully incremented into my experience; but not overloaded. Therefore, I was able to fully enjoy my haircut and blow dry, whilst feeling safe.

The hairdresser’s junior team member offered me a menu which consisted of teas and breakfasts galore and I was asked my exact preferences in terms of shampoo and conditioner – all the while having pleasant and upbeat conversation; something we haven’t had in a long while. My hairdresser, Nick, told me that those who are within the vulnerable category have first choice on appointment times (first or last in the day), all stations are cleansed between appointments, each gown is freshly laundered at sixty-degrees Celsius and every member of staff must wear PPE. They also provide their very own confidential risk assessment online via their website. It was refreshing to see that in such difficult and uncertain times, a company is doing all they can to ensure the safety and comfortableness of their customers and staff members.

The overall salon experience was one that thoroughly brightened my day. Being able to enjoy experiences I would have regularly had before the coronavirus pandemic was a liberating feeling. My hair was expertly styled by a brilliant hairdresser named Nick, significantly softer than before and I left the salon feeling pampered. It definitely is the little things that make the most difference; good conversation, a positive atmosphere and a bouncing blow dry with freshly cut hair. What could be better?

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